Piano/ guitar piece

From 25 $

  • -Free Copyright
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Custom beat

From 77 $

  • -1 free revision
  • -Premix
  • -Free Copyright
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From 110 $

  • -1 free revision
  • -Free Copyright
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What forms of payment are available?

I charge online and the payment is fragmented to make it more comfortable for you. You pay first a small deposit (50$) so I can pass you fragments of all the parts of the song, so you know how it sounds but without having it complete, and then you deposit the rest (the remaining 90 $) and I pass it to you complete. After the complete delivery you can ask for a review of up to one hour of changes, it's free! If you live outside Spain you can pay by Paypal with a single click, it's a wonder!

You can make payments in 3 ways: 

Bank transfer

How do I work?

My way of working is always online and remote. It gives very good results thanks to a very simple method: for each instrumental or custom beat first of all you have to give me one or more tracks that fit the style you want to adjust their sounds to your base, always giving a little personal and fresh touch to sound to your taste and with your identity mark. When your voice is recorded I can mix the base with the vocal part, although if you need to take it to mix it in other studios I can pass it to you by tracks.

If you want to know how I work in detail, check out the How I work with artists



How do I personalise each insturmental?

Very simple: using the songs you send me as a reference to follow. I will adapt to the instrumentals of the songs as you ask me to. You can ask me for the bass of one song and the percussion of another, for example. In this way we can personalize your beat together!

How long does it take to finish each beat?

Normally the fragments are usually available the next day, and the complete beat in 2 or 3 days, depending on the volume of work you have. To start and finish the instrumentals, the speed of payment is very important, because I make a list with the payments of each artist in order of time, so the sooner you make the deposit, the sooner you will have the base!

Do I have some sample bases to check out?

Of course you can! Go to the Buy beats tab, where you will find a slider where you can rotate the cover art to listen to sample bases of all types!

What genres do I work in?

All kinds of urban genres! Rap, trap, soul, RnB, dembow, reggaeton, dancehall, reggae, pop, flamencopop, funk, rock, cinematic music, and a long etcetera! However, for prudence always tell me first of all the genre you want to work with as detailed as you can


Do I work with acoustic and electronic music?

Of course! In my studio I have pianos, electric and electro-acoustic guitars and an electric bass, a harmonica, a melodica, as well as the best digital and analogue synthesizers on the market. With this and my MIDI controller I can record any kind of music you can think of, from country to techno! There are no limits!

Do I produce instrumentals similar to existing ones?

Yes, customers usually ask me for it a lot and in fact it is something I work on a lot, although I recommend that there are many differences between the base to imitate and the one we work on, to avoid copyright problems. If they are royalty-free bases, they can be made more similar! 

If they are royalty-free, they can be made even more similar!

Do you risk not liking the end result?

It's hard not to like a base as long as the references you send me to make the beat perfectly represent the sound you want for your base. Keep in mind that to start with you only have to pay for a small signal, so if in the very rare case that you don't like anything at all when you listen to the fragments, we'll leave the work there and that's it! But this is very rare, the excerpts are always on the right track and the customer is happy with what he or she hears. In any case, between the references and the free revision, the themes must look great! But remember to explain me well what you want from your reference songs, because that's what makes everything perfect. In case you still have new changes in your mind after the revision (Max. 1 hour), new revisions can be considered, but they would require a small extra charge, between 5 and 20 euros.

Already have a beat you like and just want to record the vocals?

It's a bit like what I said before about copyright: if it's not a custom beat made by another producer, when you have a base from Youtube, beatstars, soundcloud, etc, that base is not yours, so you'll never be able to monetise it in any way, and possibly when you upload your song with that base they'll delete it from all the platforms. And if the beat is bought on a beat leasing platform the same thing, the beat doesn't belong to you, you have rented it. The best thing to do is to start from the beginning and take the opportunity to improve that base that you like, that is, use it as an example to adapt to it 

Do I record voice? 

My studio is designed for recording beats and working online and remotely, but I have good references for specialised voice recording studios all over Spain. After finishing the beat I can recommend a professional recording studio in the area where you live. 

Do I also write lyrics?

No, but I have colleagues who work on different styles of lyrics. When I finish the base I can put you in touch with one of them, and that way we would have the whole job covered;

Do you have questions that are not answered here? 

It's simple! Go to the Contact tab on my website and send me an email! You also have my whatsap on the top right of the page, in a small icon. Whichever option you choose, I'll get back to you right away!