The 10 most pathetic songs in history

Rubbing my hands together…

I imagine that some of the people who visit this blog every week (and judging by the seriousness and rigour I try to transmit in each text) will think that I have no bad opinions about certain types of music or that I don’t like to spill blood, but I think that in today’s case it is necessary to bring out the worst in me. I bring you the most repulsive, vomitous, pestilent and coronavirus-carrying songs that have given me the most embarrassment in my life.

Watch out because it’s intense and not for the faint-hearted. You will notice that most of the works I will mention are collaborations, which clearly shows us how delicate it is to bring two active minds together in the creative process, leaving aside some collaborations that especially smack of anxiety to obtain large amounts of money.