Top 10 best synthesizers in history

We’d all like to have a studio like this, wouldn’t we?

In this blog post i’m gonna talk…

…about some of the the most recognised synthesizers in history (not all of them fit, there are many and this is a humble top 10 ;P) the qualities that define them, what they were made for at the time and how they were differentiated at market level.

As I say, there are many great synths, so talking about the top 10 is a rather personal matter, and I say this because to document some of the properties of these synthesizers one of the sources I have resorted to are the forums of Hispasonic. com forums (highly recommended forum for any kind of musician), and some users were angry with a top 20 that was made in one of the threads because there were very emblematic synthesizers that were left out (if they were angry because some of them were missing in a top 20 with my top 10, I’m sure some of them are asking for a bonfire for me).