As you can imagine if you’ve taken a stroll around here, I don’t have a strong preference when it comes to musical genres: I love working with music in general, and that’s why I arrange and produce both modern electronic genres and more classical or acoustic genres, because each music has its own characteristics that make it great.

In the case of the acoustic format, finding the right role for a wall piano sound in a mix, or placing a hammond organ well in the space, or making the overall sound have a warmth that makes it sound like it’s whispering guitar melodies in your ear, is an exciting challenge.

However, in the most electronic music, the mastery of bass frequencies, the pumping that each track needs to be hypnotic and drive the eardrum crazy, knowing how to control certain extremely aggressive compressions… is also very interesting. In this case we go to the other side of the scale, the side of subtlety, in which genres such as the ballad are situated.