An EP: the fruit of finding myself as an artist

The city says hi

Although it may not seem like it, I don’t only dedicate myself to making music for others… I also have some time for myself. In fact I wouldn’t be able to give my music to others without having spent years doing endless experimental tests to learn.

All this experimental stage has made me create, listen and learn, and taking steps forward through a thousand influences (from Michel Camilo or Oscar Peterson in jazz to Honne or Haywyre in indie and hip hop music) I have reached the level of knowledge in which I find myself today, in which I have understood that my great passion within commercial music is a kind of mixture of the hip hop with jazz, r&b, funk and indie. From precisely these ingredients comes this EP that today has only three tracks published, and that I will try to put on sale on the main platforms from December 2019 stretching it (I hope) up to 6 or 7 tracks.

The idea is to create a small but great work where I can express my concerns as a producer in a free way, without specific requests like when I work with clients: just let my mind fly and tell things through a very fat bass drum and a jazz piano. It’s a totally instrumental album, there are no vocals, but as a substitute there are certain parts in which certain instruments cover the solo parts that would correspond to a singer’s vocal display. The idea I have is that my music can tell a story without words, and that all it conveys is what I do, what I like, what is at the same time my job and my eternal passion.

Here you have the playlist of my future EP, headed by the track Time trial, promotional work of this album that will be titled The city says hi: I hope it will make you dance like crazy ;D

I leave you other blog posts like this: See you next week!