Ursidae rap – “Que te juegas”

This rapper from Madrid, who was the first artist I worked with, has recently released this great song about slot machines and gambling addiction. Her songs always have an undertone of social denunciation. Take a few minutes to listen to her lyrics and shout along with her!

Soon we will upload more works with instrumentals made by yours truly!

Leya and the gentlemen – I belong

This is the second promotional track of the great album I recorded with the band Leya and the gentlemen (Take the fire)! It’s a very special track for me because we wrote it all together and it’s just as it sounds, a musical anthem in honour of the music itself. I hope you enjoy it!

J. Zambrana – Luna blanca

Next track with J. Zambrana! To this single, White Moon, we decided to give it a vintage sound with heavy percussions and old analogue synthesizer sound, and the truth is that the result is more than satisfactory.
I hope you enjoy it!