Silvia Menéndez – “Viaje a la luna” (Journey to the moon)

Viaje a la luna (promotional track from his album Primaveral)

Singer and songwriter since she was very young, this promising young musician is the latest little light that has sprouted in the world of singer-songwriters, recently debuting on the recording scene with this track, which is the promotional work of what will be her first EP entitled Primaveral to be released soon, a work whose concept revolves around the idea of capturing the way in which the infinite cycles of experiences and emotions are renewed when everything returns to its channel.

In this work I was lucky enough to record all the parts of piano, creating and rehearsing with her and her producer (Luis Martínez from Little Canyon Studios) each of the ideas of the arrangements that corresponded to me, and the result was, among other songs, this wonderful Viaje a la luna, a work that brings us energy and intimacy running side by side, both united by this story narrated by the artist’s verses. Give this new song a chance, as well as her album, which will soon be available on all online music platforms.

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Hanon Blue

Our cover of Aquella estrella by Gisela

This “new signing” with whom I’ve started working these last few days is a piece of talent who uploads to his social networks covers of pop and Disney songs, as is the case with this That Star from the film Peter Pan, original song by Gisela. In the future there will be more of our covers here, as well as maybe some of our own work.

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Plaf – “De cuarentena” (Quarantined)

Nuestro tema De cuarentena

This is the track uploaded by the great artist and friend Plaf with one of my hardest rap bases, about the coronavirus, just like Aless, with the intention of making a track about the pandemic and social criticism. Soon we will start to release some more of this kind of tracks, so more will appear here!

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Aless – “Me alejo de ti” cover

Cover of Me alejo de ti, original song by Zhamira Zambrano

During the quarantine season and due to the health crisis of the coronavirus, some artists proposed via Instagram to upload some songs every day. Aless is one of them, and he always counts on me for his piano or guitar arrangements, pop covers with instrumentals, etc. This is one of the examples of the last case: the instrumental of our cover of Me alejo de ti, a very cool pop song that the artist decided to sing through the RRSS to send his energy to his followers. Enjoy this great voice!

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