Leya and the gentlemen – I belong

This is the second promotional track of the great album I recorded with the band Leya and the gentlemen (Take the fire)! It’s a very special track for me because we wrote it all together and it’s just as it sounds, a musical anthem in honour of the music itself. I hope you enjoy it!

J. Zambrana – Luna blanca

Next track with J. Zambrana! To this single, White Moon, we decided to give it a vintage sound with heavy percussions and old analogue synthesizer sound, and the truth is that the result is more than satisfactory.
I hope you enjoy it!

Elena Catalán idontwannabeyouanymore (Billie Eilish cover)

With this young Mallorcan artist I have worked on two covers; one by Aitana (11 razones) with a completely original instrumental and this one by Billie Eilish, a little more intimate, with just a piano that gives all the prominence to the voice and supports it at every turn.

The final result is really interesting. But judge for yourself: listen to the video and enjoy its lyricism.