My way of working


Producing in my studio!

My objective is…

To bring your music to life so that it acquires a professional sound and excites!


¿How do I work?

100% online, saving artists tiring hours of work in the studio in a fast and efficient way.


The process is so simple

To narrow down your instrumental, I first ask for songs that perfectly reflect what you are looking for in your single.


Payment method

First you deposit a small token with which I record the base and pass you fragments of your song; then you deposit the rest and I send you the complete instrumental!


Once you have your instruments…

…you can request up to one hour of changes for an optimal level of customization.


About voice recording

…when we finish your instrumental I can advise you about specialized voice recording studios in the area where you live.


Edición de voz, mezcla y mastering

With your voice recording tracks I can do the sound editing and processing.


What most distinguishes me…

…is undoubtedly the assignment of rights with the sale. This happens whenever the artist does not have a solid track record in the industry, in which case we can agree on a percentage of royalties in lieu of the instrumental payment.


My values

1. The ability to achieve good quality in short time frames.

2. Great production skills

3. The possibility to compose modern tunes

4. Versatility controlling different music genres


I also have a FAQ section where I answer other important questions such as lyrics, audiovisual and other frequently asked questions.

If you like my commitment and work ethic we can have a quiet chat about your project to polish it so you can really shine!

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