What should I do to distinguish myself from other artists?

Nowadays there are so many artists that it is practically impossible. It is no longer enough to be very good, or unique. You’re still missing steps to achieve this. But luckily for you, today I bring you some brief (and fundamental) tips to distinguish yourself musically and lay the foundations for something new and great.

1 Mix two or more genres

One of them urban mainstream (if you want to reach a lot of people, of course), and the other one worldmusic, classical music, underground music… whatever appeals to you the most.

2 Communicate by transgressing

Making art is the way to transmit emotions through aesthetic concepts. Experiment in different or even groundbreaking ways to transmit emotions through your music. How? I can’t tell you that. Take a piece of paper and think! think for hours, days, months or years!

3 Get your bearings!

Analyze the past of urban music from its beginning to recent tracks, its structures, harmonies and lyrics, themes. Not only to rule out when it comes to innovate but because, someone who knows the past is someone who, by pushing a little the neurons, can guess the future.

4 Get together with other artists

In this way you will receive influences and you will be aware of the avant-garde, besides moving in circles of modern artists, which together will make you put together the pieces of a story that will tell you what the music of today is made of. In this way you will get to know all its genius and you will be able to get inspired for ideas that are coherent with the moment.

5 Cover your back well.

Find a good producer. Especially a versatile one, so that he/she covers new things and doesn’t do the same old stuff. Some artists who work with me have had to invest a lot of time and money with good producers who didn’t know how to create fresh things and were too tied to the pre-established.

It is also good that you study some kind of training in music business or music marketing, to learn how to distinguish yourself from the competition and contribute to social networks. Here is an online course that has changed the lives of thousands of people:

6 Take an active role in production

Co-produce tracks with your producer. Give your ideas, intervene, shape your song. Introduce fetishes into your music, so that they function as your signature. When people hear certain melodies or rhythms they associate it with your music.

That’s all for today! I’ll leave you more blogs like this if you want to take a look at them, see you next week!

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