My method for producing music: systematisation, experimentation and the desire to play. Tricks and materials

I will explain to you how I turn the game into a job

In this new blog, as well as seeing my process of composition, production, mixing and mastering of my bases and complete tracks, we will see the materials I use, so that you can take some notes if you are interested in them for your home studio or even for live music.  

As this blog is specially designed for producers, let’s get straight to the point: our job is not to sit in an office for 8 hours a day doing boring paperwork. Since it is a job that requires 100% of our imagination, it has more complexities than it seems. Yes, it is a wonderful job where you can make a living out of creating entertaining material for people, for the public. It is pure communication of emotions.

But behind all this is the creation…

…which is not always easy. If what we want is to create art but with a certain constancy in order to be able to monetise our work, it is necessary to have a minimum order of things to do rather than a definite timetable or calendar (I personally don’t believe in such things for music creation): getting to work will be a question of desire. The more enthusiasm and passion you have for your work, the more you will work and the more effective you will be in creating music, so you will also generate more income.

History of rap music

Rap. The acronym for rhythm and poetry. A much bigger world than we imagine. Today I’ll tell you about its history, my influences and my way of working the genre 😉


History and relationship with rap

Ego trip, money, gangster, saturation – what’s this all about? Well, personally I think these are the main elements that should be brought to the table in order to talk about trap in a general sense. But we will focus on the last word: why saturation?


A brief history of dancehall

This genre germinated in Jamaica during the 1970s, as a sign of the need to adapt the reggae genre to dance spaces, hence its name (literally meaning dance hall). Reggae itself was already primarily an adaptation of ska to slower rhythms, which is due to the influence of cannabis use and the Jah religion in Jamaica. Dancehall retains facets of the faith in Selassie I and the whole Rastafarian religion in the more original lyrics, but nowadays the themes of the more popular dancehall have shifted towards more trivial and lighthearted aspects, as I will discuss below.