Yes, I know. It seems coherent to say that to make music you need to know music. But my friend, this is one of the biggest myths in the history of mankind. Think about it: isn’t a baby shaking his rattle music? or a child singing the intro of his favorite series? or a mother humming a lullaby? Music is everything, and that is why it is NOT necessary to study music to make music. But in fact it is NOT necessary to study music to perform it in a professional way.

And it has done a lot of damage to the widespread image that to learn music you need a lot of very early discipline. We are used to seeing children playing the piano or the violin from the age of 5 (most of them cannot even know firmly if they like music or not as a possible profession). But this image comes from a context as concrete as that of music conservatories, where education is hard and has to be made compatible with the official one of the state.

So, in the real world… is it necessary to study to make music professionally?

The answer is “not necessarily”. And at this point I want to address myself especially to singers. If you want to play the guitar or the piano, you might need – at the very least – to watch a tutorial. But singers have the virtue of possessing an extraordinary natural technique (in some cases) without having taken a single music lesson. It just comes to them, by intuition. And practically in the same way, many pianists, guitarists and other instrumentalists play much better than many professional musicians with little methodological preparation.

Well, but knowing about music is always good, isn’t it? No doubt about it. Studying music is the best thing you could do, whether you have a superhuman facility or you encounter difficulties throughout your musical career. But the mere fact of not knowing anything about music could not even be an excuse for not making music or trying to see what comes out, since human beings are endowed with a natural ear that is usually very accurate. In any case, so that you can see my commitment so that, if you want to sing, you can study singing to maximize your voice, here is a course that has significantly improved the voice of many singers, in case you dare:

“Are you sure? I don’t know…”. Obviously there are exceptions, but usually both instruments and voice have a logical basis that, having listened to music all your life, you will learn to imitate in a totally organic way. You may make some technical mistakes in your playing, especially in the beginning, but everything gets better with time. And of course, you might be one of the many artists who make a living from music without advanced knowledge, both in the live world and in the studio.

If you are a singer, your intuition and a certain amount of talent should normally be enough to be able to work on releasing your own songs and trying your luck. Who knows if you will be the one to go viral on the networks! Or simply dazzle the world with fresh and unique music. Do you have musical ideas in your head? Don’t let your ignorance of the technique hold you back, give yourself a chance to try and see what comes out! And likewise, give it to those of us who enjoy the talent of others, or perfect it, as in my case, through my services as a music producer, shaping every idea that singers and artists bring me.

That’s all for today, I’ll leave you some spin-off blogs down here, see you next week!

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