My career as a live musician

In the field of live music, although I am classically trained, I dedicate myself to modern popular music: my main preferences are jazz and salsa, although I work with pop, rock, singer-songwriter, soul, gospel, funk, blues… all kinds of musical genres. I play at events, festivals, soirées, hotels, pubs, weddings, private parties… I accompany singers and cover for pianists and keyboard players in different groups, so I am specialised in putting together repertoires professionally in record time. I work mainly by ear and, although I know how to read music scores, I have not been doing it for a long time to prepare repertoires for two reasons: I believe that modern popular music is not about interpreting but about creating and arranging according to your taste and knowledge, (and of course contributing your grain of sand with respect to what has already been done by other arrangers) and I also believe that it is much more practical and, at least for me, much quicker than reading a score.

Playing smooth jazz with Leya and the Gentlemen

Accompanying artists

Normally singers or groups call me to cover important events that are close by and whose pianists or keyboard players have had some kind of unforeseen circumstance that prevents them from playing on the day of the concert. In addition to covering these types of requests, I also work with several professional musical groups in Valencia city.

Here I have played with great artists like Marina Damer (La voz 2019), Sandra Polop (OT 2005), Fran Dieli (OT 2005) and Eduardo Fasanar (Fantastic Duo 2017) and with great musicians like Miguel Giner (Revolver), and I am quite integrated in the circle of musicians in the city, so I know well the most popular clubs and venues for musicians.

Method of working focused on the rewarding aspect of playing

When an artist needs me to cover an upcoming concert, I like to take care of every detail: follow their rhythm, express when the voice is quiet, give intensity to the piano parts when the vocal part needs to transmit emotion, make the person I accompany fly. I always try to make sure that the ensemble between the artist and myself as accompanist is total. At concerts, people usually think that I have been working for years with artists with whom I have often had only one rehearsal on the day of the concert, or even none at all. Although I find it very gratifying that the audience appreciates the way I adapt to the artists I accompany, I prefer to rehearse before the concerts as many times as possible or necessary, for safety and to play comfortably and raise the show to the highest possible potential. It’s wonderful to be able to transmit your energy to people who come to see you with just that intention. Seeing people cry because of the way you transmit that energy is indescribable.

Here I leave you this video accompanying the singer-songwriter Silvia Menéndez on the piano in the contest Pon tu voz that took place in Valencia in 2019 organised by the Academia Europa, with an arrangement composed by me:

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